Helio, Finist & Airvan


Helio Courier

The famous, early 50's C/STOL utility aircraft.

Best known for its super STOL qualities and ability to operate from relatively unprepared strips. Widely used as bushplane from Alaska and Canada to the far East and ecuatorial jungles. Also saw military use during the Vietnam era (USAF, Air America).


H-295_Courier-v970 5.8mb   H-295_Courier_floats-v970 5.6mb    HT-295_Courier-v970 4.5mb

Technoavia Finist & Turbo Finist

SM-92 Finist - Single engine, light multipurpose aircraft, built from 1993 in Russia. Kind a modern day Beaver.

SM-92G Turbo Finist - Turboprop version of the Finist powered by a Walter M601-D engine.


SM92 Finist for v970 3.9mb    SM92 Finist floats for v970 3.9mb

Turbo Finist for v970 3.4mb    Turbo Finist floats for v970 3.4mb

GippsAero GA8 Airvan

Designed by Gippsland Aeronautics in Australia, introduced in december 2000.

Simple and rugged 8-seater thought of as a replacement for the older Cessna 206 and to fill in the market segment between the Cessna 206 and 208 Caravan.

GippsAero (formerly Gippsland Aeronautics) has been majority owned by the Mahindra (aerospace) group since 2009 and is still building the GA8 Airvan in 2 versions: the normally aspirated GA8 and the turbocharged GA8 TC320.


GA8_Airvan-v970+ 3.6mb    GA8_TC320_Airvan-v970+ 3.4mb