The Simple Stuff


The rest of my models. For my own taste these are second choice, sometimes less interesting or refined; though they could be of your liking...

Fairchild F-11 Husky

The Fairchild (Canada) F-11 Husky was a canadian designed and built bush plane, dating back to the post-WWII time (around 1946).

Download F-11 Husky-v970 11.9mb    F-11-2 Husky-v970 7.4mb

preview2    preview3    preview4

Cessna 208 Caravan & Grand Caravan

Different versions of the successful Caravan.

Still very much a legacy of my old v566, v763 model.

Download complete set for v970 13mb

Cessna 337 Super Skymaster

Simple model of the unconventional Cessna 337 push-pull twin.

Download Cessna 337F-v970 3.4mb


FN.333 Riviera

Small seaplane, italian design.

A 'quick conversion' of my v5.66 model.

Download Riviera-v970 2.4mb                                    preview2

El Gavilan 358

A modern bushplane from Colombia, seating 7 +pilot.

Download package contains 2 versions (standard wheels and floats) and 2 interchangeable liveries.

Download Gavilan 358-v970 3.9mb


Ibis Aerospace AE270

Kind of an alternative to the Pilatus PC12; though slightly smaller and less powerful.

Download Ibis Ae270 P-v970 2.0mb

Harbin Y-12

Small STOL transport & commuter. Might as well cal it "the chinese Twin Otter".

Download Y-12_std-v970+ 4.5mb    Y-12_floats-v970+ 4.8mb


Cessna A185F Skywagon

Small bushplane with a selection of different landing gear options (standard taildragger, tri-gear and floats).

Download Cessna A185F-v970 5.9mb

Bristol 170 Freighter

Bristol’s late 40‘s freighter / airliner, often used as Air Ferry carrying cars and passengers across the Channel.

(SafeAir livery by Peter Cole)

Download Bristol 170-v970 5.2mb

Kawasaki C-1

Medium range military transport built meant partially as a replacement for the old JASDF C-46 Commandos.

A very simple model (straight conversion from v566).

Download Kawasaki_C-1-v970 885kb

Khrunichev T-101 Grach

A Khrunichev design meant as a newer replacement of the Antonov An-2. I think marketing and distribution was mostly done by Aeroprogress and/or ROKS-aero.

Download T-101_Grach-v970 3.1mb

Khrunichev T-207

A further development of the T-101 (above), now with a western Pratt & Whitney Canada engine.

Download T-207-v970 3.2mb

Noorduyn Norseman IV

Classic bushplane from Canada.

An upgrade from my old v566 model. Available with both standard wheels and amphibious floats, civilian and military (UC-64).

Download Norseman-v970 8.9mb    UC-64-v970 7.6mb

preview2    preview3

Quest Aircraft Kodiak

Newly designed turboprop bushplane, slightly smaller than the Cessna Caravan.

Download Kodiak-v970 2.2mb

preview2    preview3

Saab 90 Scandia

Swedish, late 40's to early 50's, twin engined short to medium haul passenger plane in the DC-3 class.

Download Scandia-v970 7.0mb

Max Holste M.H.1521 Broussard

A description like "french cousin of the Beaver" does fit well.

Very simple model, in fact just a 'quick conversion' of my old v5.66 model. Set contains wheels and floats version.

Download MH1521 Broussard-v970 8.0mb


Lake Renegade 250

The 250 HP version of the small Lake seaplane.

A 'quick conversion' of my v5.66 model.

Download Renegade 250-v970 2.2mb


Vulcanair SF600A Canguro

A Stellio Fratti design for a twin engined light passenger/cargo aircraft. First protoypes produced by SIAI-Marchetti, project now owned by Vulcanair.

Download SF600A Canguro-v970+ 3.3mb


Vulcanair Vf600w Mission

Very much like a Cessna Caravan, but with a much lower price tag; could have been a very appealing alternative...

Download Vf600_Mission-v970+ 2.6mb


Zlin Z-142C

Zlin Z-142C two-seater with standard Walter M337 engine.

Conversions/re-saves of my v5.66 model.

Download for v970 Zlin Z-142C v970+ 1.7mb

Download for v1051 Zlin Z-142C v1051 1.8mb