The Simple Stuff


The rest of my models. For my own taste these are second choice, sometimes less interesting or refined; though they could be of your liking...

Fairchild F-11 Husky

The Fairchild (Canada) F-11 Husky was a canadian designed and built bush plane, dating back to the post-WWII time (around 1946).


F-11 Husky v1051rs 12.5mb    F-11-2 Husky v1051rs 8.0mb

F-11 Husky v970 11.9mb    F-11-2 Husky v970 7.3mb

preview2    preview3    preview4

Cessna 208 Caravan & Grand Caravan

Different versions of the successful Caravan.

Still very much a legacy of my old v566, v763 model.


Caravan & Cargomaster v1051rs 13.6mb

Caravan & Cargomaster v970 12.9mb

Cessna 337 Super Skymaster

Simple model of the unconventional Cessna 337 push-pull twin.


Cessna 337F-v1051rs 3.5mb    Cessna 337F-v970 3.4mb


FN.333 Riviera

Small seaplane, italian design.

A 'quick conversion' of my v5.66 model.


Riviera v1051rs 2.6mb    Riviera v970 2.5mb                                   


El Gavilan 358

A modern bushplane from Colombia, seating 7 +pilot.

Download package contains 2 versions (standard wheels and floats) and 2 interchangeable liveries.

Download Gavilan 358 2x v1051rs 4.2mb

Gavilan 358 2x v970 3.9mb


Ibis Aerospace AE270

Kind of an alternative to the Pilatus PC12; though slightly smaller and less powerful.


Ibis AE270 3x v1051rs 6.5mb    Ibis AE270 3x v970 6.1mb

Harbin Y-12

Small STOL transport & commuter. Might as well cal it "the chinese Twin Otter".

Download    Harbin Y-12 2x v1051rs 8.6mb

Harbin Y-12 2x v970 8.3mb


Cessna A185F Skywagon

Small bushplane with a selection of different landing gear options (standard taildragger, tri-gear and floats).


Cessna A185F 3x v1051rs 6.2mb

Cessna A185F 3x v970 5.9mb

Bristol 170 Freighter

Bristol’s late 40‘s freighter / airliner, often used as Air Ferry carrying cars and passengers across the Channel.

(SafeAir livery by Peter Cole)


Bristol 170-v1051rs 6.1mb    Bristol 170-v970 6.1mb

Kawasaki C-1

Medium range military transport built meant partially as a replacement for the old JASDF C-46 Commandos.

A very simple model (straight conversion from v566).

Download    Kawasaki C-1 v1051rs 967kb

Kawasaki C-1 v970 885kb

ROKS-Aeroprogress T-101 Grach

A Khrunichev design meant as a newer replacement of the Antonov An-2. I believe marketing and distribution was mostly done by Aeroprogress and/or ROKS-aero.

Download T-101 Grach v1051rs 3.2mb    T-101 Grach v970 3.0mb

Khrunichev Aviateknika T-207

A further development of the T-101 (a few positions down), now with a western Pratt & Whitney Canada engine.

Download T-207 v1051rs 3.3mb     T-207 v970 3.1mb   

Noorduyn Norseman IV

Classic bushplane from Canada.

An upgrade from my old v566 model. Available with both standard wheels and amphibious floats, civilian and military (UC-64).


Norseman land 2x v1051rs 8.3mb    Norseman floats 2x v1051rs 9.0mb

Norseman land 2x v970 7.9mb    Norseman floats 2x v970 8.5mb

preview2    preview3

Quest Aircraft Kodiak

Newly designed turboprop bushplane, slightly smaller than the Cessna Caravan.

Download    Quest Kodiak 3x v1051rs 16.8mb

Quest Kodiak 3x v970 16.3mb

preview2    preview3

Saab 90 Scandia

Swedish, late 40's to early 50's, twin engined short to medium haul passenger plane in the DC-3 class.


Scandia v1051rs 7.3mb    Scandia v970 7.2mb

Max Holste M.H.1521 Broussard

A description like "french cousin of the Beaver" does fit well.

Very simple model, in fact just a 'quick conversion' of my old v5.66 model. Set contains wheels and floats version.

Download    MH Broussard 2x v1051rs 8.2mb

MH Broussard 2x v970 8.0mb


Lake Renegade 250

The 250 HP version of the small Lake seaplane.

A 'quick conversion' of my v5.66 model.

Download    Renegade250 v1051rs 2.4mb

Renegade250-v970 2.2mb


Vulcanair SF600A Canguro

A Stellio Fratti design for a twin engined light passenger/cargo aircraft. First protoypes produced by SIAI-Marchetti, project now owned by Vulcanair.

Download    SF600A Canguro 2x v1051rs 7.2mb

SF600A Canguro 2x v970+ 6.5mb


Vulcanair Vf600w Mission

Very much like a Cessna Caravan, but with a much lower price tag; could have been a very appealing alternative...

Download    Vf600w Mission 2x v1051rs 5.6mb

Vf600w Mission 2x v970+ 5.0mb


Zlin Z-142C

Zlin Z-142C two-seater with standard Walter M337 engine.

Conversions/re-saves of my v5.66 model.


Zlin Z-142C v1051 1.8mb

Zlin Z-142C v970 1.7mb

Swearingen Merlin IIIc

Minimal conversion from old v566 model.


Swearingen Merlin IIIC v1051rs 3.7mb

Swearingen Merlin IIIC v970 3.6mb

Fairchild Metro 23

Minimal conversion from old v566 model.


Fairchild Metro23 v1051rs 3.8mb

Fairchild Metro23 v970rs 3.7mb