v763 Aircraft


BN-2 Islander, Turbo Islander & Trislander

Designed in the early 60's as a low cost light transport, the BN-2 Islander is a small, simple and rugged twin-engine aircraft. Later development and variants include the Turbo Islander turboprop versionis, the stretched and three-engined Trislander and the Ross Amphibian.

Previews:    BN-2A series    BN-2B series    BN-2A&B panels    BN factory trim    BN-2T standard    BN-2T specials    BN-2A mkIII Trislander    Ross Amphibian

Download:    BN-2A set 5.4mb    BN-2B set 4.9mb    BN2 interior views 4.5mb

BN2A&B factory trim 930kb    BN-2T standard 14.7mb    BN-2T specials 19.8mb

BN2A MkIII Trislander 4.7mb    Trislander interior 3.6mb    Ross Amphibian 3.3mb

The old collection of v763 Aircraft

Cessna 337 Super Skymaster

Simple model of the unconventional Cessna 337 push-pull twin.

another preview

Download for v763 3.0mb    CF-PDQ livery 315kb

El Gavilan 358

A modern bushplane from Colombia, seating 7 +pilot.

Package contains 2 versions (wheels and floats)    another preview

Download for v763 3.6mb

Zlin Z-142C

Zlin Z-142C two-seater with standard Walter M337 engine.

Download Z-142C for v763 1.6mb

Cessna A185F Skywagon

Small bushplane with a selection of different landing gear options (standard taildragger, tricycle, floats, tundra wheels, skis).    another preview

Download complete set for v763 9.5mb

FN.333 Riviera

Small seaplane, italian design.

A 'quick conversion' of my v5.66 model.   another preview

Download for v763 1.7mb    extra liveries 610kb

Lake Renegade 250

The 250 HP version of the small Lake seaplane.

Download Renegade 250 2.2mb

Quest Aircraft Kodiak

Newly designed turboprop bushplane, slightly smaller than the Cessna Caravan.

Download for v763 3.9mb                                            preview2    preview3

Ibis Aerospace AE270

Kind of an alternative to the Pilatus PC12; though slightly smaller and less powerful. My models are based on the earlier prototypes.

Download AE260 set for v763 5.8mb                                preview2    preview3

Harbin Y-12

Small STOL transport & commuter. Might as well cal it "the chinese Twin Otter".

Download for v763 6.6mb                    preview2    preview3

Vulcanair SF600A Canguro

A Stellio Fratti design for a twin engined light passenger/cargo aircraft. First protoypes produced by SIAI-Marchetti, project now owned by Vulcanair.

Download for v763 6.3mb                    preview2

Vulcanair Vf600w Mission

Very much like a Cessna Caravan, but with a much lower price tag; could have been a very appealing alternative...

Download for v763 4.8mb                    preview2

Noorduyn Norseman IV

Classic bushplane from Canada.

Available with both standard wheels and amphibious floats, civilian and military.

Download complete set for v763 10.4mb                            preview2    preview3

Fairchild F-11 Husky

The Fairchild (Canada) F-11 Husky was a canadian designed and built bush plane, dating back to the post-WWII time (around 1946).

Download F-11 Husky 11.7mb    F-11-2_Husky 7.2mb           preview2    preview3

Max Holste M.H.1521 Broussard

A description like "french cousin of the Beaver" does fit well.

Very simple model, in fact just a 'quick conversion' of my old v5.66 model.

Download MH1521 Broussard 7.8mb                                preview2

Gippsland GA8 Airvan

Simple and rugged 8-seater thought of as a replacement for the older Cessna 206 and to fill in the market segment between the Cessna 206 and 208 Caravan.

Download GA8_Airvan_pack-v763 4.7mb (wheel & floats models)

Helio Courier

The famous, early 50's C/STOL utility aircraft. Best known for its super STOL qualities and ability to operate from relatively unprepared strips.

Package includes the H-295 (taildragger and on floats) and the HT-295 tri-gear.

Download Helio pack-v763 11.2mb            preview2    preview3    preview4

Technoavia Finist & Turbo Finist

SM-92 Finist - Single engine, light multipurpose aircraft, from Russia. Kind a modern day Beaver. Turboprop version is powered by a Walter M601-D engine.

preview2    preview3    preview4

Download Finist-TurboFinist_pack-v763 12.5mb (all models and liveries)

ATL-98 Carvair

DC-4 / C-54 conversion by Aviation Traders intended for transporting passengers and their cars between the UK and continental Europe. First conversion dates from 1961 and would carry 5 medium cars and 22 passengers.

Download ATL-98 Carvair-v763 6.8mb   extra liveries 1.6mb

Douglas DC-4 / C-54 Skymaster

The DC-4 a.k.a. C-54 "Skymaster", long range (transatlantic) cargo transport and airliner of the 40's & 50's.

Classic comes with a 'vintage' panel, Newer with a 'modernized' panel.

Download DC-4 classic 6.7mb   DC-4 newer 7mb    extra liveries 4.8mb

Lockheed L-188 Electra II

Late 50's, first american (large) turboprop airliner.

Now still in use as freighter for cargo airlines

Download L188_Electra-v763 4.8mb

Curtiss C-46 Commando

An important transport aircraft during WWII; mainly used in the Far East and Pacific theatre. Not a small plane, as she is noticeably larger than a DC-3.

Download C-46 LASA (4-blade props) 7.1mb    C-46 Everts (3-blade props) 8.2mb

Douglas DC-3 / C-47 Dakota

The iconic DC-3 or "Dakota" or “Skytrain” doesn't need introduction, does it?

But then the XC-47 on floats is a rare thing.            preview2

Download DC-3 Dakota 4.6mb    XC-47C 5.1mb    DC-3 extra liveries 2.7mb

(for DC-3 and BT-67) interior views 6.3mb

Basler Turbo BT-67

A turboprop conversion of the venerable DC-3; fitted with P&W PT6A-67 engines, stretched fuselage, new wing tips. Still being built/converted today.

Download Basler BT-67 4.8mb    (for DC-3 and BT-67) interior views 6.3mb

Beech model 18 (standard taildragger & floatplane)

Two stndard version of the venerable Beechcraft model 18 a.k.a. 'Twin Beech'.

-See also the Tri-gear and Tradewind conversions and the Volpar Turboliner.

Download B18 Standard 4.5mb    B18 Floats 4.6mb                preview2

Beech model 18 Tri-gear & Tradewind

Tri-gear and Tradewind conversions of the Beech 18. The first is only a tricycle gear, while the second also had a new tail arrangement.

Download B18 tri-gear 4.0mb    Tradewind 4.0mb                    preview2

Volpar Turboliner

Turboprop conversion of the Beech model 18 with a stretched fuselage for seating up to 16 passengers.

Download Volpar Turboliner 5.2mb

IAI Arava

STOL small/medium transport and multirole aircraft, Israeli design, intended partially as a replacement for the IAF's old Dakotas.

Download IAI Arava 3.4mb   IAI Arava wcd 3.4mb   Arava liveries 2.5mb

Fokker F27 Friendship

Twin engined turboprop commuter / regional airliner.

Probably the closest to being the fabled DC-3 replacement.


F27 mk200 4.6mb   F27 mk600 4.4mb    F27 mk500 4.5mb

F27 mk600 Firefighter 4.5mb   F27 Maritime 4.4mb

Interior views 5.9mb    extra liveries 1.7mb

                                                                        preview3    preview4    preview5

Grumman Goose & Turbo Goose

The good old Goose; Grumman G21 or navy type JRF.

A major upgrade of my old v566 model, now including a version with retractable floats, the Turbo Goose and extra liveries.

Download Goose 3-pack 16.6mb    Turbo Goose 2-pack 12 mb

Goose extra liveries 1.4mb

                                                                                            preview3    preview4

BAe Jetstream J31 & H.P.137 Jetstream mk1

Small turboprop commuter.

I’m supplying both the original Handley Page Jetstream and the later J31.

Download Jetstream Mk1 3.6mb    Jetstream J31 3.4mb    G-BYRM for J31 248kb


Shorts SD330

Like a bigger brother of the Skyvan, same boxy shape. Twin turboprop passenger and cargo commuter.

Dowload Shorts SD330 3.8mb    SD330 liveries 1.3mb

Shorts SD360

A further development of the SD330, with a stretched fuselage and a ‘single’ tail.

Download Shorts SD360 3.8mb    SD360 liveries 1.0mb

Saab 90 Scandia

Swedish, late 40's to early 50's, twin engined short to medium haul passenger plane in the DC-3 class.

Download Saab Scandia 5.2mb    Scandia liveries 1.3mb

Bristol 170 Freighter

Bristol’s late 40‘s freighter / airliner, often used as Air Ferry carrying cars and passengers across the Channel. (SafeAir livery by Peter Cole)

Download Bristol 170 2.8mb    B170 liveries 803kb

Dornier Do28E TNT

The Do28E TNT was the testbed for Dornier's new TNT (Tragfluegel neue technologie) wing, the Do A5 profile; seen later on Do228 & 328 series, Do24 ATT and Seastar.        Download Do28E TNT 3.7mb

DHC-2T Turbo Beaver

DHC’s own turboprop version of the famous Beaver.

A very simple rendition based on our (Tim Hill & myself) old v566 model.

Download Turbo Beaver 4.8mb                        preview2

Dornier Do228

Twin engined commuter / regional airliner and STOL utility transport.

Take your choice of series 100 (15-seat) or series 200 (19-seat) models.

Download Do228-100 series 7.4mb    Do228-200 series 11.2mb

                                                                            preview2    preview3    preview4

Cessna 208 Caravan & Grand Caravan

Different versions of the successful Caravan.

Still very much a legacy of my old v566, v763 model.

Download complete set Caravan-set_v763.zip 18.6mb

DHC-3 Otter

The larger follow-up to the already famous DHC-2 Beaver. The Otter is a large single engine utility aircraft with excellent STOL qualities.

This model is an extensive rework of the old v566 by Tim Hill and myself.

Download DHC3 floats 4.6mb    DHC3 floats classic 5.1mb

DHC3 wheels 4.6mb    DHC3_PZL 4.5mb    DHC3_extra_liveries 1.6mb

                                                                                        preview3    preview4

DHC-6 Twin Otter

One of my favorites. I've always kept at least one up and running for my own use since early in v470.

As the name suggests it was at first conceived as a twin-engined replacement for the venerable DHC-3 Otter. The Twin Otter is a 19-seat STOL utility aircraft, mostly used for regional passenger and cargo transport, medevac flights or whatever else you can think of. And doing so in the most remote areas; from Nunavut to Antarctica and from Iceland to Papua Niugini.


DHC6-100 std. wheels 5.1mb   DHC6-100 tundra wheels 5.1mb    DHC6-100 amph. floats 5.1mb    DHC6-300 std. wheels 4.3mb    DHC6-300 std. wheels short nose 4.3mb

DHC6-300 tundra wheels 4.3mb    DHC6-300 tundra wheels short nose 4.3mb

DHC6-300 straight floats 4.3mb   DHC6-300 amph. floats 4.3mb 

DHC6-300 amph. floats firefighting 4.3mb    DHC6-300 amph. floats long nose 4.3mb

Additional files

Interior views (for all models) - preview - download 4.9mb

Livery pack for v763 - preview - download 2.9mb

Antonov An-2

Affectionally called Annie or Anoushka. The big, single engine biplane, utility and agricultural aircraft; with a production run of more than 18.000 pieces spanning from 1947-2002.

Download    An-2TP for v763 4.4mb    An-2V for v763 4.0mb

An-2M for v763 4.4mb    Shijiazhuang Y-5 for v864 4.4mb

An-2 interior for all 5.2mb

                                                                                    preview3    preview4

Antonov An-8

Large, twin turboprop transport aircraft, the early predecessor of the widely used An-12. Russian early 50’s design for an ‘assault transport aircraft’.

Download    An-8 KitAir for v763 4.9mb    additional liveries v763 684kb

Antonov An-12

Late 50‘s design for a large, 4-engined cargo and transport aircraft, derived from the Antonov An-10 turboprop airliner. Dubbed as the Russian counterpart of the C-130 Hercules.

Download    An-12 for v763 7.2mb    additional liveries v763 913kb    preview2

Dornier Do27

Dornier's first post-WWII aircraft, designed and built in Spain to a requirement of the Spanish Air Force. Kind of a modern day Storch; a single engined STOL liaison and light transport aircraft.

Download  CASA C127 3.0mb   Do27B-1 2.8mb    Do27H-2 ex-Swiss AF 2.8mb    Do27S-2 floats 2.7mb                                                         preview2      preview3

Dornier Do28A & B

The Do28 was a twin-engine development of the Do27 STOL utility aircraft.

Download  Do28A-1 3.4mb   Do28B-1 3.4mb    Do28B-1 floats 3.4mb

Do28B “Agur” Israeli AF 3.4mb    Spanish AF livery for A-1 365kb    OY-AII livery for A-1 205kb                                                    preview2    preview3

Dornier Do28D Skyservant

The Do28D Skyservant is a twin-engine STOL utility aircraft. The high wing and side mounted engines are the only resemblance with the older Do28's; apart from that it’s a new and larger aircraft.

Download  Do28D for v763 2.9mb   Do28D long range for v763 3.0mb

Additional liveries:

CargaExpress 201kb   GermanAF 58+50 246kb    GermanAF 58+54 238kb

Dornier Do128-6

The Do128-6 was Dornier’s own turboprop version of the Do28D, powered by P&W Canada PT6A-110 engines.

Download  Do128-6 for v763 3.5mb

Shorts SC7 Skyvan

The boxy and rugged Skyvan & Skyliner. I based my model on the 'series 3', the most widely used, powered by Garrett turboprops.

Download  Skyvan 4.2mb    Skyliner 4.2mb    Nordair livery Skyvan 344kb

Pilatus PC-6 Porter

The early Porter types with piston engines. A sturdy and reliable utility aircraft with good STOL capability.

Download  PC6/350-H2 floats 2.7mb    PC-6 Porter - pack with all types 2.8mb

PC-6 Yeti HB-FAN 3.0mb    PC-6 N4795P 2.9mb                                preview2

Fokker F28 Fellowship

Very simple model of the F28's (mk1000 & 2000, mk3000 & 4000) based on the original v511 by Anthony Versluis.

Download  Fokker F28 (all) 5.9mb                               preview2    preview3

Fairchild Metro 23

Simple conversion from old v566 model.

Download Metro 23 for v763 3.6mb

Swearingen Merlin IIIc

Simple conversion from old v566 model.

Download Merlin IIIc for v763 3.6mb

ATR 72

Simple conversion of my old v5.66 models ATR 72-200 & ATR 72-500.

Download ATR72’s for v763 4.4mb

ATR 42

Simple conversion of my old v5.66 models ATR 42-300 & ATR 42-500.

Download ATR42’s for v763 4.9mb

Trainers collection

Converted from my old v566 models: Pilatus PC-7, PC-7 mkII, PC-9 & PC-21 / Embraer Tucano & Super Tucano / Shorts Tucano T1 / Raytheon T-6 Texan II / Beech Mentor & Turbo Mentor / T-45 Goshawk / BAe Hawk 115 / T2V-1 Seastar

Download Trainers set for v763 6.3mb

Pilatus PC-6 Porter derived projects

This are some of the Porter derivatives hat didn’t make it into production: PC-6D (piston engine) PC-8D Twin Porter and PC-9B ‘stretched’ Porter.

Download  Other Porters (all 3 models) 11mb            preview2    preview3

Pilatus PC-6 Turbo Porter

The turboprop version of the Porter is famous for its outstanding STOL performance. I think I got all models covered with this package: the early A, B & B1 models (Turbomeca Astazou or P&W PT6A turbines), the later B2’s (also with PT6A’s) and the C’s (Garrett turboprops).

Dowload  PC-6 A&B 17.1mb    PC-6 B2s 19.4mb    PC-6 C’s 6.7mb

preview3    preview4    preview5