Helicopters v763


Bell UH-1H Huey

The iconic Huey helicopter.

Brett Sumpter’s original v7x model kept alive over the versions.

Download for v763 774kb

The old collection of v763 helicopters

Bell CH-146 Griffon

A simple conversion of Brett Sumpter's old Huey model (above) to fake a CH-146 Griffon (or Agusta-Bell AB412).

Download for v763 1.2mb

Bristol Belvedere HC.1

Twin turbine, tandem rotor, transport helicopter.

Just a simple model of this less common late 50‘s british workhorse.

Download for v763 2.2mb    download for v960 2.3mb

Hughes OH-6A Cayuse - Hughes 500C & 500M

The light and versatile 'Flying Egg' in its earlier guises: OH-6A and 500C, 500M.


OH-6A Cayuse for v763 2.0mb    500C TF-GRO for v763 1.8mb

500M Armada for v763 1.8mb    369HS Ardmore for v763 2.1mb

Piasecki H-21 Shawnee

Wonder why they sometimes referred to it as the 'flying banana'?

Download for v763 2.7mb

Kaman HH-43 Huskie

A simple model of the vintage Huskie, a typical Kaman design with intermeshing rotors.

Download for v763 2.1mb

MBB Bo105CB & Bo105CBS

Twin turbine, light multi-purpose utility helicopter.

My v763 CBS model is a ‘downgrade’ of Dirk Hillebold & Jens Stromeyer's v8.23 Bo105 CBS (with permission granted by Dirk, thank you) using their shape and general arrangement plus a few of my own adjustments. The CB model is derived from my v763 CBS.


Bo105CB Veritair 2.0mb    Bo105CB Policia 2.0mb

Bo105CBS ANWB 2.1mb    Bo105CBS Scottish Ambulance 2.0mb

EastAnglia Ambulance livery for ANWB model 340kb

Sikorsky S-51 & Westland WS-51 Dragonfly

Very simple model of one of the earlier helicopters; the S-51 / WS-51 Dragonfly of the late 40’s and early 50’s.


S-51_Yellowbird-v763 6.8mb    WS-51_Dragonfly-v763 7.6mb