My X-Plane hangar

Just a simple virtual hangar to keep my X-Plane models

Downloadable packages are offered 'as is' and include documentation on license/copyrights.

Unless stated differently in the documents included with the package, the contents are offered as freeware only... for your own private use and No (re)distribution of these files in whole or in part, without permission.

Whatever you make or think of it, this general copyright & license description -see here below- applies to all my files/packages.


-Older work from x-plane v4.7 and up until the current version.

-Packages that might have lost their documentation/ReadMe’s along the time or when they only include(d) the the earlier ‘DNA file’ version and/or the earlier ‘X-Plane general license’.

-Files and/or derivatives (re)distributed by others with or without permission.

Before you download -copyright and disclaimer-

Hello and welcome to The AeroPedro Hangar Facility

On December the 25th 2011 the ‘old’ AeroPedro Hangar was taken offline and replaced by the site that you are currently browsing.

My models and/or their lineage span from v470 & v566 up to v1141; be that original/new models, conversions or re-saves of the old collection.

Most of them are still ‘PlaneMaker only’, simple models, but are there are also a few 3D-enhanced ones...

Feel free to browse through my hangars.

Questions or remarks?

You can always get in touch with me:

  1. -over at the x-plane.org -search for ‘pedrovl’- or

  2. -by direct e-mail: pedrovl[a]xs4all.nl


More about the site    -click here-


As per 2017 my general copyright & license has been rephrased to the following:

- The package and its files are offered as freeware.

- Commercial use and (re)distribution is NOT allowed.

- Freeware or non-commercial (re)distribution of the package in whole or in part (meaning all files included) can only be allowed when you obtain (written) permission from the original authors.

- Any new files generated from or based on these originals -in whole or in part- will fall under the same 'copyright license' as the originals and should remain 'freeware'.

And again, for (re)distribution of these files you should seek permission from the original authors.

- Please, do always include with the package/derivatives the  'DNA file' (updated with your XP version no. and short description of your work/adjustments/modifications).

- Liveries / repaints are excluded from the above; you’re welcome to produce and distribute repaints.

- For more information see also the included ‘original read-me’ and the authors’ older uploads at the x-plane.org or their own site.

- Yes, for your own personal use -without (re)distribution- you may edit, modify or tweak the files to suit your own taste.

Freeware files and packages

Are per definition NOT meant for free and endless use, misuse and abuse... unless stated differently by their original authors.

When in doubt, please contact the original author(s)